Colorful Smiles

I had such an amazing and fun time with this beautiful Mom, proud Dad, and yummy little munchkin! Just couldn't resist showing a sneak peek of the photo shoot.

Simchas Chosson V'Kallah

As you can see, Leah is a glowing, beautiful Kallah. The wedding was a blast, the chuppah was beautiful, and the dancing was endless! So happy I could take some photos for the Kallah...

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This past Sunday, I was given a great opportunity to photograph these kids. It helped a lot that the kids were adorable and that here in Florida we had clear skies and eighty degrees (not to make New Yorkers jealous or anything ;) This little boy is 2 years old and has such a great sense of style. He's a natural born model! And I will never forget this little angel, 9 months old with beautiful big blue eyes. All in all, it was a great day!


Available for photo sessions- family/child/baby portraits, l'chaims, bris, senior pictures, just for fun!


“It’s just you and your opponent at the board
and you're trying to prove something.”
(Bobby Fischer)