Because I can't stop smiling at this

I've posted pictures form this session before, but something about this particular shot just makes me sigh and smile. Couldn't help but share it :)


Every now and then I love looking back at previous sessions. This family session- and picture in particular- makes my heart all warm and fuzzy.

Love is Magical

As a photographer, I am constantly on the look out for new locations for my photo shoots. Driving around one day, I spotted this Equestrian area only 10 minutes from where I live. I went home as fast as I could to round up my sister and her kids to try this new place out, and WOW! I guess it's the Rural Girl in me, but I fell in love with every spot. The white picket fences, wooden fences, tall green grass, and horse took such will power not to drool at the scenery while snapping away!

The Chocolate Project

Session of the Chocolate Project. I was given an assignment to use plain squares of chocolate and add it to different set ups and props. After a few hours of work, the cravings starting kicking in for some nice Swiss dark chocolate! The next chocolate session will be an assortment of chocolates, looking forward to that one :)

Mizrachi Catering

I've ventured into the world of food photography, and must say I have found yet another thing to add onto my Photography Love list! Many photographers swear by portrait photography being a breeze compared to food photography. Food photography entails strategic positioning, setup, and the perfect lighting and gear. I, however,  had a wonderful experience with Mizrachi catering. Not only does their food make your mouth salivate for a nice juicy piece of meat, it is also fresh and has an amazing smell! For the few hours I was shooting, my stomach was grumbling non-stop.