Bavaro Bris

Thank G-d I've been busy this past month! With family portraits, children, babies, Bris Milah's, and just for funs- I have loads of sessions to edit and post for sneak peeks!
Here is the Bavaro Family. This little 8 day old boy was born good lookin' , and you can see for yourself :)

Vote Please :)

Once again, I have entered yet another photo contest! This time it is for the Professional Photographer Magazine. They are holding a contest (ending June 1st) in which the winner will have their photo on the cover of the magazine. Why would I love to win? EXPOSURE! And awesomeness, and the fact that I am a 20 yr old woman on a journey of learning all things photography.

So if you could please vote for my photo, and tell all your folks about it-friends, family, you name it- I will love you forever :)

How to vote: Click on link and go to MAIN tab on the website. Scroll down to VOTE, register and confirm in your email, in the search box, enter Rivka Kashanian, click on image and vote away :)

Photo entered in contest-

LAY’S® Happiness Exhibit Winner- RIVKA PHOTOGRAPHY!

I entered this photo contest about 2 months ago for LAY’S® Happiness Exhibit. Your image has to portray happiness, love, laugh, and life. Out of thousands of photos entered into the contest, my photo was chosen to advertise their campaign! The final ad will be finished soon, and once I get my hands on it, I'll definitely post it up :)

Z Family sneak peek

I was blessed to photograph some really awesome families during this visit to New York, and the Z family really nailed the list of  "Fun Photo Shoots"! Everything about this session was pure luck- the kids were super cute, the flowers were in full bloom, and it started to rain 2 minutes after we left! These kids can make you laugh even when the sky is full of ready to pour clouds :)

Cherry Blossoms

With this visit to New York, it it the first time I've seen cherry blossoms in full bloom. As we lack them in Florida, New york seems to have them on every street corner.  The other day, I went to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens with my family and I had a blast photographing my niece in beds of tulips and daffodils. As I was walking around I was getting photo ideas for a family I photographed earlier today. Coming soon: The Z family :) Cute to the T!
*This Cherry Blossom print is available in Fine Art Canvas prints for your home art. Contact for custom prints and prices*

Super Star

That's what my niece is- a real super star. Whenever I bring my camera out with us and turn it on, she right away strikes a pose. This is natural. No telling her what to do- nadda. She loves her star sunglasses, and won't leave home without them now. She calls them her "Boo's" :)

New print available

Tropical Hibiscus print is now available in Fine Art Canvas in sizes 8x10, 11x16 and 16x20. Email for custom sizes and prices.