So long and hello!

I've been a bad, bad girl. I've neglected this blog for a year (exactly) and I've cheated on it. Secrectly, I was working on my new website, something that would give me more credibility and flexibility. And after a long time waiting, I present to you,!

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Thanks and enjoy!

Summer in New York...what can I say! Despite a heat wave, this little cutie, her Mom and I were able to grab a quick session in Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. 
Sun, flowers, smiles, and lots of it!


If you live in Crown Heights, you've probably already seen what's been cookin' on the corner of Crown and Kingston. 
Bikur Cholim is the mitzvah of visiting the sick. This organization is truly a beautiful inspiration to everyone who understands its amazing impact! 
One year ago, children from online schools and hospital patients painted these tiles, each with a unique message. To learn more about Bikur Cholim, check out this website!
For more pictures by your truly, check out :)

A Night to Remember!

This past Sunday, I was given the privilege to photograph an event for the Chabad of the Upper East Side as they celebrated their 18th anniversary. Avraham Fried joined in on the fun by performing live!

Color Me Urban

Basically, these pictures speak for themselves.


Bais Rivkah 1st Grade Siddur Party

I remember my 1st grade siddur party. Twenty-three kids, all eager to receive their very first siddur, waiting patiently for the songs and speeches to "just finish already!" so we can move onto more important things like talking with our friends and getting to the chocolate and cake! 
It seems like ages ago that I was standing on line, waiting to receive my siddur, with my family waving and cheering me on in the crowd, me hiding my face in embarrassment. 
And now, as I was taking pictures of these first graders, I wanted to reassure them that the songs and speeches WILL end, that the chocolate and cake WILL come, and that they should just smile and embrace this day because, honey, 15 years will pass by in a flash! 
In fifteen years from now, they will be reminiscing about their 1st grade siddur party, remembering a strange girl floating around the room taking pictures of them receiving their first siddur. 
So...without further a due, I present to you the "BR 1st Grade"! 

The S Family

During my Florida visit last month, I had the awesome privilege of having a session with the S Family. Mommy and I go way back. As in high school, way back. Now, with her husband and two adorable children, it was so nice to capture those big, innocent eyes and precious smiles!

Catching up with Rivka Photography

It's been a busy few weeks! 
I photographed this family last year, before Menachem had his upshernish (3 year old hair cutting ceremony), and before Rena was running around! Their Mommy just had a new baby, and I am really looking forward to meet the new addition to the family!

The S Family

Yesterday, the S Family and I had a session, and everything about it was amazing. Started out with a few rain drops, then magically, the sun came out and the park was illuminated in this beautiful golden light. Had to share this 'lil cutie with you before the rest of the batch is finished!

All of my work will be on a hiatus until until I'm settled in New York. 
That's right-New York!
Rivka Photography leaves in T-Minus 2 days.
Until then, here is a little somethin' to quench your thirst for yumminess.

Sneak Peek: Kayla's Bat Mitzvah!

Announcing, all the way from Israel...Kayla! I only got to meet her for the couple of hours I shot at the bat mitzvah, but Kayla, you are an awesome girl. Beautiful inside and out! Had so much fun at your party, with all that chocolate fondue (yum!), dancing, and the hat and t-shirt paint decorating. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

Because I can't stop smiling at this

I've posted pictures form this session before, but something about this particular shot just makes me sigh and smile. Couldn't help but share it :)