L is for...

That is what I thought as I was leaving this family session. I loved everything about it. The beautiful weather, the tall yellow flowers, the big shady trees, and this absolutely beautiful family. The 3 year old did some posing of her own, saying "cheese!" each time, and saying "peek-a-boo!" to her baby sister to get her to laugh. Sessions like these reminds me of how much I love my job!

Romano Sneak Peek

I can't help but smile every time I look at this baby. With those baby blues, and that little smirk of his, he's got my heart for sure!

Check 'em out!

This family rocked our photo session. Little Sruli has the sweetest smile and the funniest expression! He did the first photo all by himself!

A little Baby Lovin'

I photographed an Upshernish- the hair cut celebration for a 3 year old boy- today, and just had to share this picture of this cute bundle of love. 
I call it "Baby Love". Who could resist those baby blues?
Not me, that's for sure!