Bais Rivkah 1st Grade Siddur Party

I remember my 1st grade siddur party. Twenty-three kids, all eager to receive their very first siddur, waiting patiently for the songs and speeches to "just finish already!" so we can move onto more important things like talking with our friends and getting to the chocolate and cake! 
It seems like ages ago that I was standing on line, waiting to receive my siddur, with my family waving and cheering me on in the crowd, me hiding my face in embarrassment. 
And now, as I was taking pictures of these first graders, I wanted to reassure them that the songs and speeches WILL end, that the chocolate and cake WILL come, and that they should just smile and embrace this day because, honey, 15 years will pass by in a flash! 
In fifteen years from now, they will be reminiscing about their 1st grade siddur party, remembering a strange girl floating around the room taking pictures of them receiving their first siddur. 
So...without further a due, I present to you the "BR 1st Grade"! 

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