Rock my color world

Colors...they give the world depth, and meaning, and life! Imagine a life of black, white, and grey- although I love black and white photos- it would not be the same! Myself and my camera fell in love with this family. It was a super day for shooting, and the blue eyes, dimples, and huge smiles were a huge bonus. All in all, I give this session an A+.
No coffee or caffeine of any kind was needed for staying up till the wee hours of the night editing this session. The cuteness factor and colors were enough to keep me pumped with editing adrenaline!


smallrose said...

they really are cute! This is the same family as the one before, right?

Devorah Leah said...

The black and white close up is breathtakingly real. Beautiful

Naomi said...

rivka, the pics are gorgeous!!!! congratsm ur so talented!!